OOTD || Street Style

Can’t believe this is my first Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post on here! I’m way-way behind on this but oh well, better late than never I guess! 😛

How are you? Amazing I hope. I resumed back to university some two weeks ago after my placement for the final year, omg I can’t believe I’m almost done, but yeah that’s why I’ve been a bit scarce x_x. Oh, by the way, a post about my placement year, experience and lessons learnt is coming up so stay tuned!

With regards to today’s post, I was quite impressed with how I matched my outfit considering I was running late for my lecture and had absolutely nothing to wear planned ahead (smh). I don’t know what to call this look but would sort of describe it as a bit “Street style”….?…..Sporty….? Hahaha whatever it’s called I loved it, I looked good and that’s all that matters really :p

dsc_1184 dsc_1182 dsc_1183 dsc_1189 dsc_1196 dsc_1195 dsc_1193 dsc_1190

  • Coat: An old coat from H&M but I’m sure you’d find something similar there now.
  • Trousers: Dorothy Perkins
  • Top: Matalan
  • Shoes: Converses
  • Bag: BCBG
  • Sunglasses: Dapmod (absolutely obsessed with them!)
  • Hair: Original 4C in its very natural state boo boo

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