The Latest Makeup Guru in Town – #IJustDoMakeUp

Hi, guys!
Hope everyone is doing very well. 2016 seems to be such a political and economic year in every sense, for me, the Nigerian recession, Brexit and now the US elections. There’s just so much to take in during this time especially for those who voted or hoped Hilary Clinton would win but yeah, to ease you off all that drama/tension here are two makeup related videos for you dears.

By the way, these videos are not of me; they’re Ayobami’s (my friend). She’s been featured on here before and just cause I love you guys so much I decided it’d be great to share her with you 🙂 Do follow her channel, share and subscribe! Enjoy!

If you guys don’t know about the Jamsu trend in the makeup community you need to check this video and try it out. It basically involves immersing your face in water after having set your foundation with some setting powder, this apparently gives you a flawless face beat. Ayobami decided to take one for the team so she tried it for herself. Watch this video to see the final result, you truly would be amazed. (Shoutout to Mac’s fix +, but I just might move to water which is very affordable  and free for all :))

What do you think of this trend? Will you try it?


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