My Top 10 Songs On Repeat

I never really know how to start my blog posts so today I decided to freestyle it 🙂 I do hope everyone is doing fine and that preparation for the holiday’s going great! This would be my first Christmas away from my family as I’d be staying back in uni but oh well, it would soon be over.

I decided it would be a good idea to bless your eardrums today with a couple of songs I’ve been obsessed with lately. These have been on repeat for quite some time now and I’m still not tired of them. As I was compiling them I noticed they were all french songs LooL. In the past three years, for some reason, I’ve been drawn towards french songs, especially from Stromae and Maitre Gims so when I discovered “Aime Moi Demain” a few months back by The Shin Sekai I was like, “how did I sleep on this?!” And guess what I found out? Dadju from The Shin Sekai is Maitre Gims brother lets just say he has assumed the role as my #MCE:”)

I’ve been learning french my whole life, literally from primary and I still can’t speak it lmaoo. One thing I love about music tho is that there’s no discrimination, you don’t need to understand what is being sung to enjoy it, the beat or tune is what gets you sometimes. Anyhoo let’s jump right into it, shall we?

#1 – Aime-Moi Demain – The Shin Sekai

#2-  Aime-Moi Demain – Nej feat The Shin Sekai

#3- Mes Épaules -The Shin Sekai

#4- Alter Ego – The Shin Sekai

#5 – Boucan- Maitre Gims

#6 – Tout Donner – Maitre Gims

#7- Pense à Moi – Maitre Gims

#8- Brisé- Maitre Gims

#9- Ję Lé O Sinmi – Brymo

#10- Down – Brymo <If you’re a fan of the movie, Road to Yesterday you would know this>

If you like these songs you really should try their albums on Spotify because there are much more I really like but for now, here are my top 10.

Hope you enjoy them and please leave comments on any suggestions you would like me to try as well 🙂





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