Done With 2016, On To 2017

I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2016 and the last hour actually. 2016 has been one hell of a year for me, so full of experiences I wouldn’t trade anything for. I’ve learnt quite a lot about myself (and still learning) and understanding that we all have the power to live whatever life we dream of, as long as we do the work God makes it happen if we tell Him about them.

I hope 2017 brings a lot of blessings and positivity to you, me and the world at large. In terms of new years resolution, I honestly haven’t made any yet which is really bad (but common, most of you would break yours by the end of January so don’t judge me). I’ve currently been dealing with a lot of school work which has led me to desert myself, tbh it really is just time-management which I’m not the best at it. That’s one of the things I plan on working on in 2017. My new year really starts after my exams so you’ll hear from me then promise haha. I hope you all have an amazing 2017, may God’s peace and love be with you all.

By the way, here’s a makeup tutorial to get your face beat for the New Year! By your truly, Bami. Thank me later :*


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