Engineers in Suits 

This has to be the height of my spontaneity.

So, on Monday we (my course mates, Electronic Engineering students) had a presentation for one of our modules. We were expected to dress somewhat smart, well at least not casual you know, but boy did some guys come to SLAY lmao!

I remember walking in seeing these guys in their suits and I was like bruh, you boys didn’t come to play at all! I mean, you don’t usually see engineers all suited up (most times they’re portrayed in overalls/lab coats)….most especially electronic engineers so I had to take advantage of that blessed moment.

I’ve accepted how random I can get sometimes but how I went about this mini shoot further confirmed it. Luckily for me, three of them are my friends so it wasn’t really awkward telling them to wait behind after the presentation while I mustered up some courage to approach the fourth guy who probably thinks I’m a weirdo lmao. Thankfully they all waited, curiously, though. I’ll never forget the look on their faces when I told them I wanted to take their pictures and have a mini photo shoot hahaha, they so were not expecting it!

It was really funny how they all listened to my instructions even though I know almost nothing about photography hahaha. Oh well, I think it turned out really nice. Thank you so much guys for your patience and cooperation to such randomness, means a lot!

So yeah, cheers to Electronic Engineers in Suits, and yes y’all look bomb in them gotta give you that!

Remain Blessed! xx


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