Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

With Valentine’s Day coming soon I thought it’d be great to share with you two outfit ideas for the day. The first outfit would be perfect for a formal event, let’s say a dinner while the second would be perfect for a relaxed date. For someone who absolutely had no red in her wardrobe, I’d say I pulled this off quite well (thanks to Mango for saving the day).

Outfit 1:
So when I started planning the post I was going to just play dress up in some cute dresses but then, what is Valentine’s Day without red? I honestly had nothing red in my wardrobe so how was I going to call it a Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration? How were people meant to tell it apart from a Date Outfit Idea? So, my friend and I bundled ourselves to town and guess what? I found this lovely dress at Mango ❤. I got it on sale from £69.99 to £19.99 (can I hear someone shout Hallelujah?!)

I was so happy when it fitted perfectly so I didn’t have to search further considering I’m not a huge fan of fitting rooms.

For my hair, I wanted something natural so I ditched the wig and embraced a sleek low bun. I didn’t just want my hair to be plain either so I searched within to find my inner Greek goddess, went to Claire’s and found this really cute headband which helped me channel her. My shoes are from the brand Quiz in Debenhams. The bag is from Mango (yes I love that store this much hahaha). If you notice I have some pictures with a clutch and a shoulder bag that cause I feel they’d both be appropriate for a dinner date or something of that sort cause they’re quite small and complement the outfit. Which would you go for tho?

The second outfit is for those who have no red and can’t be bothered to stress. As far as you look and feel good, do you boo.

Outfit 2:

May this off-shoulder style never go out of fashion cause I love it so much. I got this top from Quiz in Debenhams. The ripped jeans are from Mango and the clutch, I’ve had for quite a while now. It was my mums but I hijacked it 🙂

On another note, I experienced a short girl problem which I need some advice on. So, because of my spectacular height I often find myself rolling up my bottoms but with heels I sort of get confused. To roll or not to roll? So tell me, which looks better? If you have this problem as well what do you roll or not?

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Theresa xx


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