Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

With Valentine's Day coming soon I thought it'd be great to share with you two outfit ideas for the day. The first outfit would be perfect for a formal event, let's say a dinner while the second would be perfect for a relaxed date. For someone who absolutely had no red in her wardrobe, I'd … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration


The Latest Makeup Guru in Town – #IJustDoMakeUp

Hi, guys! Hope everyone is doing very well. 2016 seems to be such a political and economic year in every sense, for me, the Nigerian recession, Brexit and now the US elections. There's just so much to take in during this time especially for those who voted or hoped Hilary Clinton would win but yeah, … Continue reading The Latest Makeup Guru in Town – #IJustDoMakeUp

Simple Fall Inspired Look: Featuring Bami

Literally drowning in so much school work already but I thought to share with you lovelies a video my amazing friend made. She's makeup artist and has been featured on here before, I'm sure you'll recognize her. Here's her first youtube video so show her some love guys, subscribe, like, comment, share! Have a great … Continue reading Simple Fall Inspired Look: Featuring Bami

This Solid Perfume from Bath Kandy is BOMB!

I literally can't keep my nose off my body....if that even makes sense but yeah this Bath Kandy Solid Perfume is liveeeeeee y'all! I got gifted this from the She Hive London Event I blogged about a while back. This isn't a sponsored post in any way, this is just my honest review promise. I … Continue reading This Solid Perfume from Bath Kandy is BOMB!

Best Make Up Removers

Pretty much on all social media platforms we can all sense the obsession with make up. From dramatic eyeshadows to nude lips, it can get pretty overwhelming but something most people struggle with is how we get rid of all that make up after a night out or at the end of the day. Today … Continue reading Best Make Up Removers

My Deep Conditioning Routine

Is your hair natural or relaxed? Well deep conditioning is for everyone! This routine helps keeps your hair moisturised, soft, smooth and healthy. I try to do this every week and leave it on overnight to wash it off the next morning. I made a video showing how I deep condition my very 4c natural hair. I used: … Continue reading My Deep Conditioning Routine

Make Up Essentials For Oily Skin

Hi Lovies! Hope you've been good. I apologise for being M.I.A, life's been quite busy over here pushing me around..but I'll keep pulling through as usual ^^ Today I'm here for my fellow oily skinned people! I know the struggle with either finding the right make up products that won't make you look greasy or … Continue reading Make Up Essentials For Oily Skin