Restaurant Review: Bar Estilo

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing fine. Today I thought to give a review of a restaurant, 'Bar Estilo' my friend and I  tried back in Birmingham. It's located right opposite The Cube, in a mall called The Mailbox. I'm always down for trying new things and new places so I was excited but … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Bar Estilo


Oreo Brownies with Almond Butter

Happy New Year everyone!  I know this is the end of January but please accept my humble greetings, life has been in the way. I hope you're doing fine and haven't broken your resolutions already, hang in there, just 11 months to go! So, over the weekend I met up with a friend in Birmingham … Continue reading Oreo Brownies with Almond Butter

Easy Carrot Juice Recipe

Carrot Juice is one of the most powerful natural juices out there. This is one juice that has helped so many bed-ridden patients out of the hospital, giving them a chance to live life to the fullest. Not being a huge fan of just carrot juice on it's own I decided to add some apples, … Continue reading Easy Carrot Juice Recipe

London Day Out

Hi Guys! Hope your week is going well! So, on Saturday I spent the day in London with my friend, Ayo and I thought to share bits and pieces of our day here. We met at Oxford street where I stumbled upon this really cool brand called Etui Bags in Topshop, they make vintage inspired leather … Continue reading London Day Out

Avocado For The Guac Boy!

  Ayyy! How's your weekend going? Great I hope, mine went really fast. I so don't believe it's Sunday evening already! So, a while ago I thought to try out Ayesha Curry's <love her> guacamole recipe. <You can watch her video down below> I do love avocados so at some point I was going to … Continue reading Avocado For The Guac Boy!

All Yellow Everything 

For the sake of my love for pineapples and honey dew melons I just had to try out a smoothie. And it turned out amazing! ☺️ All I made use of: -pineapples -honey dew melon -1 lemon -Juicy water (lemons and limes). This acted as my base instead of just water. -Nutribullet (you can use … Continue reading All Yellow Everything 

Guess What I Made?!

*drumrolllllllll* A.K.A.R.A (A.C.A.R.A.J.É) yup! For those who don't know, it is found in West African and Brazilian cuisines. To make this you'll need some peeled beans, one big red bell pepper, a scotch bonnet and one red onion. Making it for the first time I literally just made use of the beans I had <black … Continue reading Guess What I Made?!