You Need To Watch Ben-Hur!

I'm not an avid movie watcher but when I see a good movie that I love, I've got to spread the good news to everyone! So I spent the day with my mum and friend in Southport and we randomly walked passed Vue, all this while my mum had low-key wished to go see a … Continue reading You Need To Watch Ben-Hur!


5 Tips On How To Read More

So a while back I told you guys I was trying to develop my reading habit back again so here are 5 tips I'd like to share with you that have helped me so far. Enjoy! Move to some quiet place.....preferably the woods. Joke joke. Carry the book with you at all times.  Schedule some time … Continue reading 5 Tips On How To Read More

Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

         “Outliers” is phenomenal. Malcolm Gladwell definitely thinks beyond the ordinary. His mind is creative- very creative. He is a non-conformist. I am attracted to people that can connect the world through their minds, and apply A into B, and B into C, and C into A. I once said, “It takes a deep … Continue reading Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell