Why? Why am I doing this?

Feeling very pumped up right now! Been feeling very overwhelmed with uni work lately but today I met with a friend of mine who was able to reset my brain to how I started the semester all pumped and motivated. And so I thought why not share this feeling with everyone? If you ever find … Continue reading Why? Why am I doing this?


The Menstrual Cups

I have tried three different ways to start off this post but none have gone as planned so, if you're reading this, it means I just decided to go with the flow. This post is mainly for my girls out there and those guys who like to be all up in our business. Today, I'd … Continue reading The Menstrual Cups

Easy Carrot Juice Recipe

Carrot Juice is one of the most powerful natural juices out there. This is one juice that has helped so many bed-ridden patients out of the hospital, giving them a chance to live life to the fullest. Not being a huge fan of just carrot juice on it's own I decided to add some apples, … Continue reading Easy Carrot Juice Recipe