Why? Why am I doing this?

Feeling very pumped up right now! Been feeling very overwhelmed with uni work lately but today I met with a friend of mine who was able to reset my brain to how I started the semester all pumped and motivated. And so I thought why not share this feeling with everyone? If you ever find … Continue reading Why? Why am I doing this?


The Latest Makeup Guru in Town – #IJustDoMakeUp

Hi, guys! Hope everyone is doing very well. 2016 seems to be such a political and economic year in every sense, for me, the Nigerian recession, Brexit and now the US elections. There's just so much to take in during this time especially for those who voted or hoped Hilary Clinton would win but yeah, … Continue reading The Latest Makeup Guru in Town – #IJustDoMakeUp

Simple Fall Inspired Look: Featuring Bami

Literally drowning in so much school work already but I thought to share with you lovelies a video my amazing friend made. She's makeup artist and has been featured on here before, I'm sure you'll recognize her. Here's her first youtube video so show her some love guys, subscribe, like, comment, share! Have a great … Continue reading Simple Fall Inspired Look: Featuring Bami

OOTD || Street Style

Can't believe this is my first Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post on here! I'm way-way behind on this but oh well, better late than never I guess! 😛 How are you? Amazing I hope. I resumed back to university some two weeks ago after my placement for the final year, omg I can't believe I'm … Continue reading OOTD || Street Style

Quick Salad Meal

Salads aren't exactly my go-to meals but when I decide to have one, I go in. Today, I thought it'd be a good idea to share with you lovelies a very quick salad I made a while back. It's super healthy, super tasty and very filling. You just need the following and you're good to go! Olives … Continue reading Quick Salad Meal

Chiquito for Lunch? Yes Please!

Last week Thursday I travelled up north to Southport with my mum and over the weekend we met up with an old classmate of mine (the lovely Kemi dearest). Having not seeing her in 5 years it really was amazing linking up again. We had lunch at Chiquito a Mexican restaurant where I had one … Continue reading Chiquito for Lunch? Yes Please!

You Need To Watch Ben-Hur!

I'm not an avid movie watcher but when I see a good movie that I love, I've got to spread the good news to everyone! So I spent the day with my mum and friend in Southport and we randomly walked passed Vue, all this while my mum had low-key wished to go see a … Continue reading You Need To Watch Ben-Hur!