Restaurant Review: Bar Estilo

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing fine. Today I thought to give a review of a restaurant, 'Bar Estilo' my friend and I  tried back in Birmingham. It's located right opposite The Cube, in a mall called The Mailbox. I'm always down for trying new things and new places so I was excited but … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Bar Estilo


OOTD || Street Style

Can't believe this is my first Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post on here! I'm way-way behind on this but oh well, better late than never I guess! 😛 How are you? Amazing I hope. I resumed back to university some two weeks ago after my placement for the final year, omg I can't believe I'm … Continue reading OOTD || Street Style

A Mary Kay “Mini” Party

Hey! Today I thought to share what I'd been up to Mary Kay wise.  A while back I announced being a new beauty Consultant at Mary Kay. As a consultant, you belong to a unit and every unit has a director, your unit is mainly based on your location and whatever unit your recruiter is … Continue reading A Mary Kay “Mini” Party

LookBook: A Dress Kinda Day

Hey! How you doing?! It's been quite sunny and hot here in England these past days and so, it only felt right soaking up the heat and posing for the Nikon....I mean,  why not? I was clearly feeling usual during this photoshoot. Gowns and dresses have and will always have a special place in … Continue reading LookBook: A Dress Kinda Day

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap!

 Flickr/capitolhemp I am such a huge fan of Dr Bronner's Pure Castille Soaps! This is my third purchase now and I know my count would continue. It's an 18-in 1 soap meaning you can use this 1 soap for 18 different purposes, yes! If you're lost and don't know about this brand, it's okay, I'll gladly fill you … Continue reading Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap!